ZENZ Organic Hairdressing


860 kr
  • 5 behandlinger med farve og ret af bryn
  • Allergivenlig farve
  • Normalpris 1.075 kr (Spar 215 kr)

Med et ZENZ klippekort kan du spare penge på dine favorit behandlinger. Dette klippekort giver dig 5 behandlinger, som alle indeholder retning og farve af øjenbryn. Hos ZENZ Organic Hairdressing anvender vi en særlig mild allergivenlig farve, som giver et naturligt smukt look samtidigt med, at den har god holdbarhed og føles rar at få lagt på.

Vi anbefaler, at du læser betingelserne for anvendelse af ZENZ Klippekort under menupunktet "betingelser" her på siden.

Et klippekort til ZENZ Organic Hairdressing er personligt, og kan anvendes til behandlinger i nedenstående saloner. Når du har købt et klippekort på ZENZ shop, sendes kortet til din e-mail. Næste gang du besøger en af vores saloner, bedes du vise denne e-mail, enten på din mobiltelefon eller printet ud. I salonen vil dit klippekort blive aktiveret. Vær opmærksom på, at klippekortet er gyldigt i 3 år fra den dato, det er udstedt og sendt til dig på e-mail. 

Klippekort kan anvendes i følgende saloner: 

ZENZ Grønnegade 36, 1107 KBH K.
ZENZ Rosenborggade 8, 1130 KBH K. 
ZENZ Ndr. Frihavnsgade 52, 2100 KBH Ø. 
ZENZ Nørrebrogade 45, 2200 KBH N. 
ZENZ Guldbergsgade 29P, 2200 KBH N. 
ZENZ Godthåbsvej 101A, 2000 Frederiksberg  
ZENZ Lyngby Hovedgade 64, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Du kan booke tid online ved at klikke her.

Miljøvenlig indpakning når du handler hos ZENZ Organic

Every time you make a purchase, you help choose what the future looks like for you and your children.

When you shop at ZENZshop, you can be sure that your purchase makes a positive impact - for the environment, and for your beauty, health and well-being.

All products from ZENZ Organic are manufactured with respect for your health and care for the planet. We always prioritise natural, organic and vegan ingredients, and we never compromise on quality.

We pack your order with the greatest possible care. That's why we protect your goods on their journey with recycled cardboard and biodegradable organic corn residues, which dissolve in water. The paper tape is silicone-free and is sealed with natural rubber glue.

Luxurious beauty products that emphasize natural beauty without harming people or the environment

Designed to indulge you in luxurious beauty, ZENZ Organic Products give you a sense of true wellness while making your hair and skin healthier and more beautiful.

Multifunctional products developed by professional beauty experts

Developed by top hairdressers, ZENZ Organic Products is tested on a daily basis by hairdressers, stylists and makeup artists around the world. This know-how and passion forms the basis for the extremely high quality and multifunctionality you will experience in all our ZENZ Organic products.

When you use the products, you will experience high deverisity, as each product can be used in multiple ways. We beleive less is more, and you do not need many different products to achieve amazing results. This way you also help reduce overconsumption.

High-quality, natural and organic ingredients

We always prioritize natural ingredients and, as far as possible, always organic certified. Natural beauty, in our opinion, requires natural ingredients, free of unnecessary chemistry. The natural ingredients are packed with vitamins and minerals that gently strengthen and nourish the hair and skin. This is exactly why you can always find a maximum content of natural high-queality ingredients in ZENZ Organic Products.

You can read more about our ingredients by clicking here and more about certifications by clicking here.

Health and sustainability

As the front runner for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry, ZENZ Organic Products has for years partnered up with researchers, doctors and the official certification organizations to develop the healthiest and most sustainable beauty products. For us, it is important that we take think about our common health as well as the environment.

We are proud to be able to meet the growing demand among consumers, who want a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle.

Exclusive and environmentally friendly packaging

High-quality products should also look great when on the shelf. But as with everything else, we also consider sustainability and environmental considerations in our packaging of our products. Therefore, the packaging of the products is made of recyclable plastic.

ZENZ Organic Products version 2.0

The next generation of ZENZ Organic Products is under development. We call it ZENZ Organic Products version 2.0

We must remain the most sustainable beauty brand, and continue to be recognized for our superb quality and standards.

ZENZ Organic Products version 2.0 will become even more sustainable, as we are collaborating with Ocean Waste Plastic to help clean up the oceans. At the same time, the content of organic ingredients will increase, so that we reach the absolute maximum.

It is our belief that the beauty industry has a responsibility for some of the plastic that ends up in the oceans. Therefore, we must help with the clean up. We can do this, among many other things, by recycling plastic, thereby also reducing the need for virgin plastic.

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