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Botanical Henna Hair Colour Orange Yellow no. 81 (100 g)

199 kr

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  • Strengthens the hair and colours it naturally
  • Without perfume and essential oil
  • Vegan

Orange Yellow no. 81 is a mix powder of Lawsonia Inermis and Cassia Obovata. 

Botanical hair colour nourishes, protects and gives the hair a shiny and voluminous look. The hair becomes silky smooth and glossy. The colour tones are gradually washed out, leaving the hair intact. The colouring is done exclusively on the outer layer of the hair (cuticle).

Orange Yellow no. 81, Light Copper:
Characterized by weak colour strength which gives copper golden tones to the hair. On light brown hair, even in the presence of single gray hairs, the colour time varies between 10 and 40 minutes to achieve light copper tones. On blonde hair, even in the presence of streaks that have lost their shine and strength, only use a very thin texture and very short colour time (between 3 and 5 minutes) while keeping an eye on the development during the colour process.

Lawsonia Inermis leaf powder Cassia Obovata leaf powder.
100% naturlige ingredienser.

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The Vegan Trademark - international standard for vegan-produced products, registered by the Vegan Society. Products with this label are made without the use of animal ingredients.

Ocean Waste Plastic - helps clean up oceans and rivers. For each OWP-labelled product sold, ReSea collects plastic 1: 1 against the product's packaging weight.

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