Based on the mission of creating a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry, we’re launching ZENZ Version 2.0.

ZENZ Version 2.0 is a new line of products that are setting a new standard in the industry for professional beauty products as well as protecting your health and our planet.

The products carry several scientifically based certifications. They contain the maximum proportion of natural and certified organic ingredients - more than the certifications require.

The packaging in ZENZ Version 2.0 is sustainably produced, mainly from recycled plastic. In addition, ZENZ is collaborating with ReSea who collects plastic from the oceans 1: 1 against the product's packaging weight, every time a ZENZ Version 2 product is sold.

Certificeringer på ZENZ Organic Products

What is ZENZ Organic Products


ZENZ Organic Products are professional products developed by hairdressers and stylists. We focus on health and sustainability without compromising on the high quality of our products. Discover how the multifunctional products inspire you to be creative and to make professional results.

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Create your own wellness experience and feel how ZENZ Organic Products nourishes your hair and skin with nature’s finest ingredients. The products create a space for self-pampering and well-being without the use of harmful ingredients.

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With ZENZ you will do something good for yourself and for our planet. The products are certified by one or more of the five recognised certifications: The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified, Ecocert COSMOS Organic, Vegan Society and Ocean Waste Plastic.

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