Terms and Conditions

When you make a purchase at zenzshop.dk, run by ZENZ Organic Products ApS (hereafter referred to as ZENZ), you simultaneously accept the following terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions apply in cases where no other written agreements have been made between you and ZENZ. We recommend that you read these terms carefully before you shop on zenzshop.dk.
As a customer, it is your responsibility to be up to date with the applicable terms and conditions.

Change of terms and conditions

ZENZ reserves the right to revise and change these terms and conditions from time to time. Changed terms and conditions will not be announced, just updated on this page.

You will be subject to the terms and conditions that apply at the time you order an item from us, unless the change is due to us being required by law or governmental intervention to change our terms. In such cases, previous orders ordered by you will be subject to these updated terms.

Applicable law and venue

Purchase of goods at zenzshop.dk is governed by Danish law. Any dispute is settled by the ordinary Courts of Denmark.

Who is ZENZ?

www.zenzshop.dk is owned and operated by ZENZ Organic Products ApS (hereinafter referred to as ZENZ). The company is registered in Denmark under CVR no .: 32 56 58 91 and is located at the following address:

ZENZ Organic Products ApS
Guldbergsgade 29P
2200 København N

E-mail: info@zenzshop.dk
Telephone number: +45 53538405

Age limit in connection with shopping at ZENZshop.dk

To be able to shop at zenzshop.dk you must be at least 18 years old. When ordering, you automatically confirm that you are 18 or that you are shopping with your guardian's acceptance.

Open 24 hours a day

www.zenzshop.dk is, as far as possible, open for shopping 24 hours a day. There may be interruptions, such as system updates from us or our IT supplier. In principle, this kind of minor interruptions will not be announced.
LLong-term system updates will be announced to recipients of ZENZ Newsletter.

Ordering products

You select the items you want to buy and add it to the virtual "shopping cart" by pressing "add to cart". You can continually correct the contents of the shopping cart, as well as check the contents, and keep an eye on the price of all selected items. Any extra costs for shipping and debit card fees will first be calculated / added to the total amount immediately before you have to pay.

When you are ready to place your order, click on "go to checkout" and you will be asked to enter your full name, address, e-mail, telephone number, as well as selecting payment and delivery methods.

If you have made a mistake in placing your order, please contact us immediately by e-mail: info@zenzshop.dk, and customer service will assist you. Always remember to check your order before approving the payment.

Receiving orders

Once you have ordered an item from ZENZ, you will receive a receipt for your order. Please note that a purchase agreement is only binding once you have received confirmation that the order has been accepted and the goods have been shipped

We reserve the right to reject your order. This may be due to the fact that the item is no longer in stock or if your payment has not been completed either due to technical errors or incorrectly entered information etc. ZENZ cannot be held responsible for rejected or canceled orders. Also, no compensation is given for orders that are rejected.


Payments at zenzshop.dk are made using credit cards. You are responsible for the correct credit card information provided.

Credit card information is communicated via zenzshop.dk to PBS on a secure and encrypted SSL connection. Thus, ZENZ does not have access to your debit card information.

Your credit card will not be charged until the goods have been shipped and a confirmation of shipment has been emailed to you.

Reservations are made for out of stock items or stock status errors. If an ordered item is out of stock and therefore cannot be delivered, the item will be deleted from your order and the amount of that item will not be deducted from your credit card.


All prices at zenzshop.dk include 25% VAT and are stated in Danish Kroner or Euros. ZENZ may change prices without notice. However, the prices you see at zenzshop.dk will be valid at the time of purchase, subject to errors and omissions.

Discount codes

When using discount codes, only one discount code can be used at a time. It is not possible to apply discount codes to previously discounted goods, yearly cards, discount cards, gift cards as well as various gift packages and special offers.


We offer free shipping in Denmark (Europe, Greenland, Faroe Islands and other countries except) with purchases over DKK 349. For orders of 349, - and below will be shipping. The freight price is stated when ordering.

All orders are shipped with PostNord, unless otherwise agreed separately between the buyer and ZENZ. The parcel is shipped without distribution to the nearest post office, unless other agreements are made. PostNord will notify you as soon as your package can be picked up at the postal office. At any time, you can choose to have your parcel delivered to your address against a fee.
Please note that deliveries to non-bridged islands in Denmark and abroad may take longer.

At ZENZ, we strive for fast delivery. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. In connection with sales, longer delivery times must be expected.

Should delays occur with our shipping partner, ZENZ cannot be held responsible.

Please note that packages sent to a postal office are often only stored for a limited period, after which they are returned to ZENZ. It is your responsibility to pick up your package on time.


The risk of goods ordered on zenzshop.dk is transferred to you when the right of withdrawal has expired after 14 days from receipt. If the item has been damaged after you have received it, you retain your right of withdrawal if the damage is not due to negligence or lack of care on your part. Remember to save original packaging as the item must be returned in original packaging in case of any complaint or damage.

Customs and VAT

If you order from an EU country, Danish VAT is paid, but no customs duty according to the rules on the free movement of goods. Goods sent from ZENZ cannot be sent as a gift to countries outside the EU in the hope of avoiding local customs duties and taxes.

If you order from a country outside the EU, local taxes and duties may be imposed for which ZENZ cannot be held liable, but in return Danish VAT will be deducted. If so, you will be contacted by the shipping company. Please note that this may delay shipping a lot, as the goods are held back in customs. From there it is your responsibility to contact the shipping company and pay the additional costs incurred.

14 days cancellation right

When you shop at zenzshop.dk you always have 14 days to cancel. This means you have 14 days to notify us if you regret the purchase and then return the item to us.

The cancellation right runs from the day you receive the item. If the deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the deadline is extended to the following working day. In the case of several different items, which are ordered in one order but delivered individually, the period runs from the receipt of the last item.

Remember that you are obliged to return the item in substantially the same condition and quantity as it was received. This also applies to the packaging and info signs that are on the item. In some cases, if the product has been opened, bacteria can be formed, thus reducing its shelf life. If the item has deteriorated after receipt, a reasonable percentage of the original price of the item will be deducted.

In order to claim the cancellation right, you must give us an unambiguous statement within 14 days of receipt of the items.

You must therefore notify us by e-mail: info@zenzshop.dk before returning an item.


Your purchase is subject of the Danish Sale of Goods Act at any time, including the requirement about lack and conformity. Any errors or defects in products delivered from zenzshop.dk must be claimed within 2 months after you discovered the error.

It is your duty to state and, on request, show how the error or defect manifests. It is a requirement that the warranty is justified and that the defect did not arise as a result of improper use of the product or other injurious behavior.

As a rule, you can only complain about errors that occur within 2 years after you have received the goods. For items with a limited shelf life, your complaint option is limited by the shelf life stated in connection with the purchase. To the extent possible, you will have the item exchanged. 

Contact us by e-mail on info@zenzshop.dk if you want to state your warranty.

Incorrectly delivered items

If you have received an incorrect item in relation to what you ordered, please contact us by e-mail: info@zenzshop.dk. Please provide us with your order reference number, your name and address, telephone number and product details as well as reasons for the desired return or exchange.

We strive to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. In our response, we will advise on how the further return process should take place. If the error is confirmed by us, you will either receive a new item or you will be refunded the purchase amount.


If you regret your purchase, the items must be returned to:

ZENZ Organic Products ApS
Guldbergsgade 29P
2200 København N

E-mail: info@zenzshop.dk
Telephone number: +45 53538405

Remember to notify us by email: info@zenzshop.dk ibefore sending the goods back. Upon return, you should make sure that the items is properly wrapped. You are responsible for the item yourself until we receive your return package. Always save your receipt and tracking number.

When you cancel a purchase, you have to pay the cost of returning the item yourself. We expect you to ship the item as soon as possible after you have given notice of cancellation. Remember you must send the return package within 14 days of your regret.

Note! We only accept returns send with distribution directly to our office.

Please also note that there is not always someone at our address to receive packages. We recommend that you send your parcel by Postnord or GLS, so that we can pick up the parcel at the nearest post shop / parcel shop, in cases where we are not here to receive the parcel.

Returns can also be made by refusing receipt or delivering the item to us personally. It is a great help if thorough information is included in the package - for example a copy of order confirmation and, if possibly, copy of prior correspondence, etc.


When we receive your returned items, we will check it and then you will be refunded the amount you paid to us upon purchase, if the item is in unused and in condition to be resold. The amount is always transferred to the same payment method with which you made the purchase. If you have paid by credit card, the purchase amount will be returned to the card you used in the purchase. The amount must be refunded according to the consumer rules before 14 days have passed from receipt of the goods. However, we always try to repay the money immediately upon receipt.

Please note that you may lose your purchase amount, in whole or in part. It happens if the value of the product is impaired because:

  • If you have actually used the item.
  • If the label has been removed in whole or in part, or if it is missing.
  • the item has been damaged while in your care, or while you were in charge of the person you handled the item in.

If you have used the item beyond what is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item, we reserve the right, after a specific assessment in each case, to reduce the refund or to cancel the refund completely.

Personal information

In order to shop on www.zenzshop.dk you must at least state:

  1. Your full name
  2. Address
  3. E-mail address
  4. Phone number

The above data is stored with information on the goods you have purchased for 5 years from the end of the financial year to which the information relates, cf. Section 10 of the Danish Bookkeeping Act, after which the information is deleted.

Information is not disclosed and will not be sold to a third party unless this is done in connection with a restructuring or a full or partial sale of the business. Any disclosure in such a situation will be in accordance with the personal policy law applicable at any given time.

As a customer, you have the opportunity to gain insight into our registration of information about you, and you can object to a registration in accordance with the Danish laws on Personal Information. Inquiry in this regard is addressed to ZENZ via e-mail: info@zenzshop.dk.


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If you do not want your site visit to be tracked by our cookies, you can set your internet browser and / or firewall to disable them. Unfortunately, this can have a negative effect on your use of the site. Use your Internet browser's help guide to learn how to disable and / or delete cookies on your computer.

You can read more about the use of cookies at zenzshop.dk by clicking here >>

Customer service

If you have any other questions, you are always welcome to contact us by e-mail: href="mailto:info@zenzshop.dk">info@zenzshop.dk or call us on phone number +45 53538405. Customer service is available on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm Copenhagen local time.