Healthy and Well-Groomed Beard

Do you have a beard, and are you unsure about how to care for it? Here, you can read about which products from ZENZ Organic that can help you get a healthy and well-groomed beard.

Before shaving

Cleanse your face well until all dirt and grime is washed away. If possible, you can use a homemade scrub of oil and sugar to remove dead skin cells and thus get your skin soft and ready for shaving.

If your beard is bigger than a heavy stubble, we recommend washing it with Deep Wood Conditioner no. 08 which is anti-bacterial and has aromatic scents of cedarwood and myrrh. After the wash, your beard is soft and ready for a trim.

After shaving, apply a few drops of Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99 to add extra moisture to your face and beard.

Beard styling

For a healthy and well-groomed beard, we recommend that you apply a few drops of Oil Treatment Deep Wood no. 99to your beard every morning. If you want more styling, mix the oil into a bit of Styling Paste no. 06. The combination of these two products will bring the beard together, have a nourishing effect and leave a pleasant subtle scent.

If you have a longer beard, you can blow-dry your beard with a brush. Before blow-drying, we recommend that you mix Conditioner no. 08 with oil and a little Styling Paste no. 06 to make the beard extra soft and pliable.

Avoid skin irritation when shaving

If you suffer from skin irritation, such as redness and irritation after shaving, we recommend a good face cream that will help repair and restore the skin.

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, we recommend our allergy-friendly Face Cream Pure no. 101. The face cream is certified with the Nordic Ecolabel, AllergyCertified and does not contain perfume or essential oils that can irritate the skin.

Alternatively, use Face Creme Deep Wood no. 100, which has a warm scent of wood, instantly adds moisture and is extremely effective in reducing wrinkles.

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