A homemade scrub is a great way to give your skin extra care and moisture. By making your own scrub, you can completely avoid additives and choose only the ingredients that suit your skin type.

A good scrub exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. With frequent use, you even get a smooth and more even skin that easier absorbs moisture. In addition, your home

At ZENZ Organic, we recommend using one of our 100% natural and organic oils for your homemade scrub. You can read more about the benefits of our oils below, and also find the one that best suits your skin.


Mix your favorite oil from ZENZ Organic with organic cane sugar or salt in a small bowl. Use the mixture as a dry scrub on the skin before the bath or scrub your hands to make them soft.


Mix your favorite oil from ZENZ Organic with very fine sugar in a small jar. Use the mixture on the face to cleanse the skin of dead skin cells. You can also apply the mixture gently on the lips to make it easier by applying a beautiful and durable lipstick.


Sweet Mint no. 96
The scent of fresh mint, sweet orange and ginger has a wonderful uplifting effect on the mood. Mixed with organic cane sugar, the oil acts as a firming and moisturizing body scrub, which actively fights cellulite.

It is also especially good for tired muscles and perfect in a foot bath after a long day on the go or as a massage oil.Read more about the oil Sweet Mint no. 96 here.

Pure no. 97
Oil Treatment Pure no. 97 carries both the Nordic Ecolabel and AllergyCertified certificates. It is therefore particularly great for people who are sensitive to fragrance; both allergy sufferers and the youngest members of the family.

The oil can be used instead of body lotion for the entire family, but it also works really well as a makeup remover and for shaving. Read more about the oil treatment Pure no. 97 her.

Healing Sense no. 98
The perfect winter oil that with its soothing and nourishing properties help dry and damaged skin. The scent of chamomile and patchouli is comforting and balancing.

The oil provides help to an itching and irritated scalp and is ideal as a hair treatment when hair and scalp feel extra dry.

If you suffer from psoriasis, Healing Sense no. 98 can also help. A regular treatment with pure oil keeps your psoriasis at bay. Read more about the oil Healing Sense no. 98 her.

Deep Wood no. 99
Deep notes of cedarwood and lavender have a relaxing and de-stressing effect on the mood. The oil is especially good for irritated skin, eczema, dandruff and split ends.

The oil can be used during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.Read more about the oil Deep Wood no. 99 here.

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