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If you are struggling with greasy hair, you know that it doesn’t feel amazing – and it’s most likely not a look you prefer. Oily hair is often caused by an imbalance on the scalp. Read on and get our best tips for managing oily hair and a guide to products you can use to your advantage.


If your scalp is out of balance, it can be caused by several things – your health, your diet or an improper hair care routine can affect your hair and scalp.

An unbalanced scalp secretes more sebum and oil in an attempt to prevent the scalp from becoming dry. Both a wrong shampoo and hot water from the shower can have a drying effect on hair and scalp – so if you have tried to"wash your hair free of grease," you may have made the situation worse.

Try lowering the water temperature, skip every other hair wash, and let the scalp rest, which is especially important if you use a shampoo containing aggressive soaps, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate also called SLS or SDS.

We recommend our Shampoo no. 10 with eucalyptus for oily hair. Eucalyptus has amazing antibacterial properties and has a degreasing effect on the hair. It also has a high content of avocado oil and aloe vera, which adds moisture while gently cleansing and caring for the hair and scalp.


When you brush your hair, you distribute the natural oils from the scalp into the hair. It is usually beneficial because it adds shine to the hair, but it is not always a great strategy when you have an overproduction of oil. Therefore, make sure to minimize the number of times you brush your hair during a day.

Remember that a good conditioner and a gentle brush make the hair easier to style. Try ZENZ Organic Conditioner no. 11 or our popular boar bristle hairbrush made of environmentally friendly bamboo.


Our Salt Water Spray no. 14 is a great styling product that adds volume and texture, and also works well as a dry shampoo on hair that tends to get oily.

Salt Water Spray no. 14 gives oily hair a matte look without drying out hair and scalp. Spray into dry hair, and then blow-dry briefly on a low heat setting.


Dirt, dust, limescale, bacteria and residues from hair products can accumulate on the scalp and disturb the natural balance. Especially hair products with silicone create problems, as silicone settles tightly around the hairs and on the scalp and prevents the scalp from breathing, while at the same time stopping nourishing ingredients from penetrating.

A weekly deep cleansing with our herbal cider Hair Rinse & Treatment no. 87 quickly creates a great fundament for beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. In can book time for a luxury version of the treatment in our salons, including the most calming scalp massage.


  • Wash your hair with Shampoo no. 07 or no. 10.
  • Mix Hair Rinse & Treatment no. 87 with water in a ratio of 1: 1 in an amount corresponding to an ordinary water glass. Pour the mixture over the hair and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly and finish with Conditioner no. 11.

Shampoo no. 07 can also be particularly good if the imbalance on your scalp is due to stress or illness, as it has a wonderful calming effect.


It might sound silly to add oils to greasy hair. Nevertheless, our Sweet Mint Oil Treatment no. 96 can do wonders for grease control.


  • Massage the oil into dry hair and let it sit for at least 2 hours.
  • Distribute Shampoo no. 10 throughout the hair before washing.
  • Wash your hair an extra time with Shampoo no. 10.
  • Finally, use Conditioner no. 11 and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing your hair thoroughly.

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Remember that you can get free advice on choosing hair products in all our ZENZ salons.

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