How to Get Healthy and Beautiful Hair with an Overnight Oil Treatments

Do you want beautiful and healthy hair that is full of life? Dry, damaged, frizzy or unmanageable hair can become healthy and vital with regular use of oil treatments overnight.

Everyday, your hair is exposed to many harmful factors such as temperature changes, hair washing and harmful ingredients from styling products.

Our hair deserves a little love and attention once in a while. An oil treatment made from natural ingredients is the nourishment and luxury your hair needs.


  • Warm temperatures from the shower
  • Warm temperatures from the weather
  • Cold temperatures from the weather
  • Using products that dry out and damage the hair
  • Using synthetic shampoos that strip away the hair's natural oils
  • Blow drying the hair and using styling irons
  • Products that are not suitable for your hair type

Thinking about what products we use, what ingredients they consist of and how often we use hot styling tools can help limit the strain we expose our hair to. With time, the hair will even become worn and dry and will need help to stay healthy and vital.

Consistent use of hair treatments with oils made from natural and nourishing ingredients will make your hair visibly more shiny, soft and manageable.

Overnight oil treatment ZENZ Organic


#1 In the evening: Use your favourite ZENZ Organic Oil Treatment. Choose between Pure no. 97, Healing Sense no. 98 and Deep Wood no. 99.

#2 Distribute a generous amount of oil into completely or almost dry hair, and massage it well into both hair and scalp.

#3 Wrap your hair in a towel, or cover your pillow with a towel, so your pillow doesn’t get stained, and then sleep tight.

#4 In the morning: Add ZENZ Organic Shampoo to your hair and let it sit for a moment before washing your hair as usual. The shampoo makes it easier to wash out the oil. Finish with a nourishing conditioner.

Repeat the process 2-3 times monthly to start with, or as often as you feel like your hair needs it. In the long run, your hair will feel healthier and more vital, and you will be able to reduce the treatments to approx. once a month.

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