Curls are amazing! But they also require a little extra work
- and there is a completely natural explanation for this.

By nature, naturally curly hair is more challenged than other hair types. It is drier and therefore more exposed. Good hair care is therefore the alpha omega to prevent the curls from becoming frizzy and dull to look at.

Here are 5 key tips for beautiful (natural) curls

#1 lots of moisture

Curls need lots of moisture! Curly hair can have a hard time retaining moisture, and since the hair strands are naturally drier, you can hardly add too much moisture to your curls. Choose a good moisturizing conditioner, such as ZENZ Organic Deep Wood no. 08. You can also add the conditioner to your towel-dried hair as a leave-in conditioner.

A weekly hair treatment with Treatment no. 03 mixed with a small amount of Oil Treatment no. 99 works wonders for your hair. To optimize the effect of the products and reduce the treatment time, you can invest in a ZENZ HairSpa.

#2 Be gentle when drying your hair

The best for curly hairs is to air dry. Avoid rubbing the hair, but instead, squeeze the hair with the towel - preferably one made of pure cotton to reduce frizzy hair.

If you use the blow dryer, remember to use a diffuser. A diffuser distributes the heat from the hairdryer and is milder towards the hair. Turn your head down and blow dry from the hair's ends and up. Avoid blow-drying close to the scalp. Always use a heat-protective product. 
ZENZ Organic Styling Gel no. 12 protects the hair from heat and adds moisture at the same time.
  ZENZ Organic natural curls with defuser

#3 Choose the right styling products

When choosing hair products for curls, it is important to choose products without silicone and other drying ingredients. You get the most beautiful curls when your hair is healthy and well-groomed. We recommend our Curl Combi package consisting of Styling Gel no. 12 and Hair Styling Mousse no. 91. Use the products in wet hair and plump your curls from the bottom up to the scalp. When the hair is almost dry you can give the ends of your hair a few drops of Oil Treatment no. 99 or a little extra Styling Gel for extra moisture and definition.

#4 Cold water and detox treatment

Hot water has a drying effect on the hair, whereas cold water helps the hair strands to close and retain moisture and shine better. At the same time, a Detox Hair Treatment can cleanse your hair from dirt, limescale, product residues and other things that weigh down, grease and disturb the hair, and which can be difficult to wash out.

#5 Hair colour that protects your hair

You do not have to choose brand new hair colour to benefit from this tip. You can choose a colour in a shade that matches your own.

The purpose is for the hair colour to settle on the outside of the hair strand and protect the hair from wind and weather and other things that can dry out the hair. The colour also gives your hair extra shine and looks beautiful!

It is important to choose a mild hair colour, not a permanent colour, as the latter opens the hair shaft and thus does not give you the caring effect. At ZENZ, we use only mild hair colours, especially our 100% natural Henna Hair Colour which give a natural look with lots of different colour tones

Curl Combo til krøller

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Jeg har naturlig store krøller. I sin tid fik jeg nogen gang helt små spiral krøller i. Men nu har jeg fået parfume allergi og mit spørgsmål er så. Kan jeg overhovedet håbe på at jeg kan få lavet parfumeri permanent krøller et sted. Håber i kan være behjælpelig med dette spørgsmål.
Og så vil jeg godt spørge til leave in balsam. Er det et stykke tid jeg skal gå med det og det så også skal skyldes ud igen. Og hvis det ikke er, kommer det ikke til at virke fedtet.
Og så det sidste spørgsmål. Jeg er da nødt til at redde mit hår efter jeg har tørret det. Ellers filter det da helt vild eller er det fordi jeg ikke bruger en god nok balsam eller skal jeg redde det i badet
Med venlig hilsen

Rikke viftrup Tholstrup May 31, 2021

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